Pioneers - 22k Avatars - Mint Price TBD - Launch Date 01.2022
The Pioneers

What role will you play?

Your Pioneer is a fully customizable on-chain avatar that changes and evolves as you explore the Chainspace universe

Choose your form

Choose your form

Choose between the Pepel, a spacefaring amphibious species, or the Hashmonks, tranquil creatures made from the Mempools sentient waters

Pepel Avatar

Complete control

Directly control and customize the look of your avatar. Unlock rare traits by holding certain NFTs and fungies.

Pepel Insignia

Shape your avatar's story

The decisions you make about your avatar’s origin, upbringing and talents defines its initial backstory, and can unlock unique visual traits and upgrades now and into the future.




Get your gear

Wearables in PILLS are upgradable NFTs. Acquire them through questing, combat or by purchasing them from a crafter.


All wearables in PILLS are their own NFTs. Acquire them through questing and crafting.

Improve your wearables to upgrade your Pioneer. Unlock schematics and collect resources so you can make and modify them yourself.

Wearable Items

Be 3D

Our 3D expansion pack is in active development. A free upgrade that lets you bring your avatar into the metaverse.

An on-chain building block

Your Pioneer’s on-chain metadata enables anyone to create apps, stories and interactive experiences that tap into it.

The Anatomy
of a Pioneer

  • Skeleton

    Augment each part of your Pioneer's body. Limb by limb.

  • Outfit

    Find and equip new gear whenever you want.

  • Backstory

    Every Pioneer spawns with their own generatively tuned backstory.

Pioneer Anatomy
  • XP & Level

    Gain XP to level up. Higher levels unlock new content, abilities and experiences.

  • Badges

    Earn badges for completing quests and activities.

  • Faction

    Keep track of your faction reputation and rank. Spend rep on rare gear.