Frequently Asked Questions

A few things we get asked all the time

  • What is PILLS?

  • PILLS is a new kind of hybrid game. An interoperable and composable sandbox universe existing on-chain, blending together interactive gameplay and community storytelling with RPG progression that anyone can build upon and expand.

  • Is it a browser game? 3D?

  • Don't think of PILLS as a single, monolithic game you download and play. It's more like a constellation of interconnected games and storytelling media that shape and influence your PILLS avatar as you experience them. These experiences can take any form: from simple text in the browser, to 2D or 3D or even XR on your phone. PILLS is an open, extendable canvas.

  • How do I play?

  • There are two ways to play the game: as a creator, developing narrative media or interoperable interactive experiences with SYNTH, our Solidity game engine. Or as a player who is inhabiting and exploring the constellation of experiences created by the community. CAPSULE, the core team, is currently working on a 3D crafting miniverse to be released in Season 2.

  • How do I join?

  • In order to join, you'll need a Portalpill.

  • What's a Portalpill?

  • The easiest way to get a PORTALPILL is to complete the TOTEM QUEST and join our upcomming raffle. You can the latest details in our Discord. Players who don't win the raffle will have another chance in our Dutch Auction, or can find one on the secondary market.

  • How do I get one?

  • A PORTALPILL is an NFT that acts as a mintpass. It allows you to travel to Chainspace to mint your Pioneer - the first group of PILLS avatars.

  • How much do they cost?

  • Raffle tickets will be .1 ETH. Final price of the Auction will be determined by the Auction. That's like... how auctions work.

  • How many Portalpills will there be?

  • There's a total of 12,000 SYNTH Portalpills, distributed as follows: 10,000 - Raffle 1625 - To previous PILLS NFT holders 375 - For marketing, promotions and gifting to community creators There are also 1200 or less EGODETH Portalpills that will be distributed in the Dutch Auction.

  • What's the difference between SYNTH and EGODETH Portalpills?

  • IDK but looks rare...

  • What can I do?

  • In Season 2 we'll release our first miniverse crafting game. In the meantime, join one of our many crafters guilds and help shape the PILLS UNIVERSE.

  • What's the status of the project?

  • PILLS is in active development. Over the past year we've been shaping the fictional Chainspace universe, developing 2D and 3D art assets, building the SYNTH on-chain game engine, and PACE, the web-based avatar creator.

  • What's the story of PILLS?

  • PILLS takes place in a dying universe known as Chainspace, a fictional mirrorworld of the crypto ecosystem featuring characters, creatures and factions that may seem all too familiar to anyone actively participating in crypto, today. In the primary quest arc, players must work together to collect and combine the necessary materials to reconstruct the Genesis Cube, a colossal and ancient artifact whose destruction thousands of years ago created the universe players now inhabit. Once the Genesis Cube is restored, it can be used to create a new universe, resetting the cycle of universal creation and destruction back to zero.