And travel to Chainspace - an interactive, community-created universe on Ethereum

Your ticket to Chainspace


The portal to Chainspace opens in 2022.
Get a portalpill to mint your PILLS avatar at launch.


  • What is PILLS?

    PILLS transforms Ethereum into an extendable MMORPG, set within a community-created universe called Chainspace. Players can mint an avatar, level it up, customize it, join a faction and soon - go questing, crafting, experience combat and more.

  • How do I play?

    PILLS is a Lootlike game, meaning it can be extended by the players. You can choose to play in GODMODE, and help create the game and world it is set in, or EXPLORER MODE, where you mint an avatar that inhabits the universe, levels up, goes on quests and more. To participate in EXPLORER MODE, seek out a portalpill.

  • What's a Portalpill?

    An NFT that acts as a mintpass - a key - enabling you to mint your PILLS avatar.

  • Where do I get one?

    There are three ways. The easiest and fastest is to find an existing pill on OpenSea that can be used once to redeem one portalpill. Otherwise, you can participate in the upcoming Dutch Auction, or Raffle that will take place via the Portalpill site

  • What's the status of the project?

    PILLS is in active development and on the cusp of launching PZ-01, its first major release. PZ-01 features an avatar system with stats, XP and progression, wearables and factions. It lays the foundation for on-going gameplay releases - like crafting, quests, and combat - that will be progressively released throughout 2022.

  • What's the story of PILLS?

    PILLS takes place in a dying universe known as Chainspace, a fictional mirrorworld of the crypto ecosystem featuring characters, creatures and factions that may seem all too familiar to anyone actively participating in crypto, today. In the primary quest arc, players must work together to collect and combine the necessary materials to restore the Genesis Cube, a colossal and ancient artifact whose destruction thousands of years ago created universe players now inhabit. Once the Genesis Cube is restored, it can be used to create a new universe, resetting the cycle of universal birth and death back to zero.